Women’s Ministry Festival in Omsk

From the field

On the 8th of March people of Russia celebrate International Women’s Day. Though the history of this holiday goes back to the Soviet times as a holiday for working women it became a wonderful holiday to celebrate the joy of spring and new life. All men bring gifts to their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

To celebrate this holiday on Saturday, March 10th, Nehemiah Church in Omsk, Siberia, held a festive meeting for women’s ministry called ‘Pearl’. Just like any Christian meeting, it began with praise and worship. The worship team led all women into God's presence.

After praise and worship one of the leaders, Tamara Uporova, wished Happy Women’s Day to all. This meeting was an amazing time, when all women of the Nehemiah Church together praised the name of the Lord, enjoying His presence.

Then everybody watched the video from one of the newly planted churches in the town of Achairsky. It was their holiday greeting for March 8th, which brought us only positive and joyous emotions. In this video many women, whom we knew, appeared in a new role :))

I would also like to thank our children from Sunday school, who brought holiday wishes to their mothers and grandmothers and performed wonderful songs and poems. It is so good to see young children, glorifying God. “From the mouths of children and nursing babies you have ordained praise…” (Psalm 8:3).

On this holiday, brothers of the church prepared us gifts and came to be with us. At the end of the service to everybody’s surprise men presented a gift to all sisters in the form of the real Uzbek meal – pilaf, which was prepared by our Uzbek brothers while women were in the meeting.

It is so great that we had the opportunity to come together on a wonderful spring day! I wish that such meetings were held more frequently. All the sisters of our church are looking forward to the next meeting of ‘Pearl’ Women's Ministry. Once again ‘Happy Holiday’ to you, dear sisters!

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Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

Nehemiah Church, Omsk, Siberia