Youth Summit in Izhevsk, Udmurtia

From the field

On November 19, Youth Summit will take place in Izhevsk. Youth ministries of churches in the city – Work of Faith Church, Philadelphia Church, Church of God and Izhevsk Christian Fellowship, organize it. For the first time Church of Resurrection will be participating in the project. The organizers have chosen the theme for the summit, “Church and I”.

“Churches are filled with hypocrites and boring people!” – Have you ever heard anything like that? We want to talk about what Church is all about. Why do you go there and is it necessary? The summit is an opportunity to look at yourself and what you believe. We will look at the Temple of God in a new way. Church of the Living God will never be a relic of the past or the lot, which is only for old men and women. We are waiting for young people who wish to assert that the church is the handwork of God, not man; that only someone who is part of the living and true church, may qualify for salvation. Is there salvation outside the church? Pastors Vladimir Batalov (Philadelphia Church), Alexander Volkov (Work of Faith Church), Alexander Podobedov (Church of God) and Nail Nuriahmetov (Church of Resurrection) will speak about all this.

In addition, worship will be led by youth worship group from Mozhga, (Plug Into Youth Movement) and worship bands “Underground Church” & “New Level”.

Youth Summit “Church and I” will begin at 10:00 am on November 19th at Work of Faith Church in Izhevsk: 86, January 9th Str.