Students of Oral Roberts University in Moscow


On May 15 and 16 students’ music group from Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK, USA) held a concert in Moscow suburb cities of Dubna and Dzerzhinskiy.

On May 15 the concert was held at New Testament Church in Dzerzhinskiy. This group of seven students decided to come to Russia during their summer break to preach the Gospel to Russian people. After two days in Moscow, they will continue their tour in the Perm region.

Within the cultural exchange and friendship program on May 16 the group visited International University of Nature, Society and Humanity "Dubna". This is a state educational institution of higher education in Moscow region.

This day became English Day at the University. Students were introduced to the American culture and could communicate with their peers. Both Russian and American students learned a lot of new and interesting things about each other. But most importantly, they realized that their interests are very similar, as youth culture unites young people from different countries – they listen to the same music, watch the same movies, wear the same clothes.

Students from the United States were able to share their Christian values through the music – at the end of the English Day a concert was organized in the assembly hall of the University.

In Perm region American students will join One Year for Jesus team of New Testament Church. They will be traveling through towns and villages with concerts, preaching the Gospel.