Leadership Training for Christian Rehabilitation Ministry Leaders held in Novokuznetsk, Siberia


On March 5-9, Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith in cooperation with International ministries: "Global Teen Challenge", "Isaac" and "TearFond" held a spring session of the Leadership Training Institute for ministers that work in the area of rehabilitation.

The spring session for ministers of Central Siberia was held in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. Everybody gathered in the facilities of the Christian ministry "Renewal" that is affiliated with the "Church on the Rock" (Pastor Andrei Khoroschenko).

Students of the LTI at this session received theoretical knowledge and practical skills for their work with addicts. There were a lot of positive emotions from the educational process, as well as from trips to rehabilitation centers of Novokuznetsk. The purpose of the training is not only to give theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills and to present an opportunity to students to get acquainted with the work of various rehabilitation centers.

The second course of the LTI sets a new level of education. It includes some new topics:

· In-depth study of the dependence problem;

· Assistance to co-dependent family members, serving the entire family;

· Communication skills;

· Accounting, legal assistance;

· Fundraising for the ministry.

Among teachers there were skilled and very experienced ministers: Darwin Smith – physician-psychiatrist, representative of the "Youth with a Mission" ministry, Alice Giblet – regional representative of "Isaac" ministry, Konstantin Izmadenov – associate pastor of "Kemerovo Christian Center", teacher and family consultant, Andrei Filatov – pastor of "Church on the Rock" in Krasnoyarsk, regional coordinator of social ministry in Central Siberia, regional representative of the "Teen Challenge, Russia" Coalition.

New methods were used in the classroom – small groups work and practical training to develop communication skills. Directors and staff at rehabilitation centers need such skills to be able to communicate with students and teach them how to properly treat themselves and others.

All the participants, especially pastors, marked the importance of training program directors and staff. "Today our students of rehabilitation programs need strong spiritual mentors who know what they are doing!" – says Bishop Andrei Khoroschenko. Not only ministers speak of the necessity of education, but it is also the demands of the society, which in the near future will oblige all that are involved in the work with dependent people to go through special training. NET Institute, which program is currently being used to train program directors and staff, is an educational institution with a certificate of international standard. Such certificates will be granted to graduates of the LTI after three years of studies. Within its curriculum Christian rehabilitation program directors and staff undergo trainings twice a year in four federal districts of Russia.

"We want to draw attention of every pastor to the education of their rehabilitation centers’ directors, therefore we have begun LTI to help local churches. We want to help everyone who sees the importance of this work to expand the Kingdom of God", – says Andrei Filatov, who is responsible for the training in Central Siberia.

Currently an additional group, which will be undergoing training for the next three years in Angarsk, Irkutsk region is open.

We would like for all the leaders of Christian rehabilitation centers to undergo this training in order to rise to a new, more effective level of work with addicted people.

To see photos of the LTI held in Novokuznetsk click here.

Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith