Church in Kansk organized outdoor activities for children with disabilities


It is not a secret that all schoolchildren are waiting for summer break. Every child expects a lot of fun and adventures. Children are always happy if they are part of any type of activities with competitions. games, contests. That's why the Risen Christ the Savior Church of Kansk arranged summer outdoor activities for children with disabilities.

On June 22, 80 children and their parents were invited by the church to an event that became unforgettable for kids. Both kids and their parents enjoyed all kinds of outdoor activities. For the begining they became a part of an interactive performace about the importance of being polite and friendly. After the play there were some exciting games and contests.

Children learned how to make different crafts with their hands, they even learned how to make soap. Children could jump on a trampoline all day long and rode a pony that had an interesting nickname Manchester. Children played, sang songs and did all kinds of activities that they really enjoyed.

During the day, they had a delicious lunch and afternoon tea. And then the children received sweets. This day became a real treat for each child.