First regional conference of Evangelical Faith Christian churches took place in the Crimea


SEVASTOPOL – On the first Saturday of November, 300 leaders, ministers, pastors, representing two thirds of the Crimean churches, gathered in Sevastopol. 

The reason for the meeting was the unification of the churches of Christians of Evangelical Faith. The Crimean regional association officially affiliated the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith. 

The preparation work took several months. Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko and his associates met with pastors and ministers, holding counseling sessions, keeping fasts and praying. In August of 2019, a voting took place to elect the head of the association. Yuri Seleznyov, pastor of Sevastopol Jesus the Lord Church, was elected. 

This conference took place to bless the head of the new regional association and the team of ministers. The blessing prayer was held by bishops Edward Grabovenko, Vasily Evchik, Fyodor Andronovich. 

Prior to the conference a pastors’ meeting was held by the Russian Church leaders.

Bishop Fyodor Andronovich began the meeting. He spoke about cooperation and that the association of the Kuban churches – the closest neighbors of the Crimeans – is open to help and be friends, to work together. He introduced the new leader and his team, that ready to continue to work further on unifying the churches of the Crimea.

Head Bishop Edward Grabovenko addressed the pastors with a message and advice to know their calling and identity, to overcome the challenges, and to keep earnestly serving God. 

In bishop Vasily Evchik’s opinion, “the event is a landmark, because the churches of the Crimea agreed to work together for the first time”.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith

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